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Heavy Duty is a European company,
with operations in Southeast Europe and subsidiaries in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.
In recent years, we have focused on the development of recyclable (paper) solutions that replace disposable plastic.
tailor made solutions of packaging
recyclable food packacing containers
Heavy Duty is a leading manufacturer of recyclable (paper) food packaging containers (punnets/trays), with a current capacity of 120 MIO pieces per year and a wide range of solutions for the HomeDelivery segment.

Registered trademark

Our registered trademark NaturBox guarantees quality in every step of the production process. From product development, through the selection of adequate materials, all the way to the final product.
recyclable food packacing trays
trays made from recyclable materiales
Our idea is based on belief that we must make an effort to leave behind a promising world for our children. Our agenda is to replace disposable plastics with recyclable solutions and thus contribute to the goal.Year after year, we create new solutions that allow an ever widening range of goods to be packaged in environmentally friendly packaging ... and we won’t stop.
We work with you to develop your idea and bring about the best solution for your product.
Our team of designers and technicians can help you  find the best solution and put it into practice.
tailor made solutions

Heavy Duty d.o.o.
M. Čavića 8,10000 Zagreb

Industrijska zona bb, 35400 Nova Gradiška

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